Fitness Video – August 2018

MovNat beginner flow



Food log 2018-07

I was getting super frustrated trying to log meals.  The app I was previously using had pre-set items which is awesome if you live in the states but frustrating if you don’t.  The other downfall of that app was I couldn’t add my own items so I had to try to find substitutes to match what I really ate as best as possible.  I was ready to give up on logging food until I came across an app called See How You Eat.  SHYE is so simple!  You just take a photo of your meal.  This is perfect for me.  You can set reminders which helped me to be more disciplined and not eat continuously all day.

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Fitness Video – July

I’m working on GMB’s multivitamin program this month as my official structured return to mobility work.

Below is my integration flow using week 1 movements.  This week was quite challenging and a bit hard to go through emotionally as I have done the program a few times before and felt like my progress with it was better in previous times.  I just have to remember to approach the program like it is the first time, not beat myself up as I had my baby only 7 months ago, stay mindful and have fun!

Week 1 Integration Flow


Week 2 Integration flow


Week 3 Integration flow

Fitness Photos – July

Some of the yoga poses I’m working on in the Sean Vigue 7 day yoga challenge.  I’m presently going through my 2nd round of this challenge.

The challenge can be found at the link below:

This challenge was preceded by 2 rounds of his 7 day beginner yoga challenge which can be found at the link below:


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Walking – more than exercise

I was reading a blog by a friend who pointed out that many people offer her words of encouragement related to weight loss when they see her walking, and while she appreciates their kind intentions, her reason for walking goes way beyond just something to do to lose weight.

That got me thinking…

When did walking become something people only do for exercise?

It also made me realize that I too am guilty of assuming people who walk do it with a weight loss agenda.  When did this mindset happen?

I can remember days walking to get lunch or run errands and enjoying touching the leaves of trees and shrubs, observing birds and lizards, noticing the heat of the sun or the coolness of the breeze.  I use to really enjoy walking…what happened?

How many people still appreciate the pleasure of leisurely walking?

It just goes to show how things that should be natural and beautiful can be easily perverted.  The constant pushing for people to become obsessed with achieving and maintaining a smaller/fitter/healthier body set by some outside forever changing standard of what the right size and level of fitness and health are, has caused many of us to be unable to appreciate ourselves and our environment.

So…I say thanks to Chrystall for the wake up call and I hope that this will inspire someone else to appreciate the pleasures that accompany taking a walk.

Here’s the post that inspired this one. I hope you can find some time to read it and give it a like.