Fitness Video – July

I’m working on GMB’s multivitamin program this month as my official structured return to mobility work.

Below is my integration flow using week 1 movements.  This week was quite challenging and a bit hard to go through emotionally as I have done the program a few times before and felt like my progress with it was better in previous times.  I just have to remember to approach the program like it is the first time, not beat myself up as I had my baby only 7 months ago, stay mindful and have fun!

Week 1 Integration Flow



Fitness Photos – July

Some of the yoga poses I’m working on in the Sean Vigue 7 day yoga challenge.  I’m presently going through my 2nd round of this challenge.

The challenge can be found at the link below:

This challenge was preceded by 2 rounds of his 7 day beginner yoga challenge which can be found at the link below:


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Walking – more than exercise

I was reading a blog by a friend who pointed out that many people offer her words of encouragement related to weight loss when they see her walking, and while she appreciates their kind intentions, her reason for walking goes way beyond just something to do to lose weight.

That got me thinking…

When did walking become something people only do for exercise?

It also made me realize that I too am guilty of assuming people who walk do it with a weight loss agenda.  When did this mindset happen?

I can remember days walking to get lunch or run errands and enjoying touching the leaves of trees and shrubs, observing birds and lizards, noticing the heat of the sun or the coolness of the breeze.  I use to really enjoy walking…what happened?

How many people still appreciate the pleasure of leisurely walking?

It just goes to show how things that should be natural and beautiful can be easily perverted.  The constant pushing for people to become obsessed with achieving and maintaining a smaller/fitter/healthier body set by some outside forever changing standard of what the right size and level of fitness and health are, has caused many of us to be unable to appreciate ourselves and our environment.

So…I say thanks to Chrystall for the wake up call and I hope that this will inspire someone else to appreciate the pleasures that accompany taking a walk.

Here’s the post that inspired this one. I hope you can find some time to read it and give it a like.





2017, March


Measurement 1 Date – Wednesday 1st March Time –  5:15 AM
Weight (kg) BF% Water % BD
 68.4 31.1 50.3 6.3

Measurement 2 Date –  Time – 
Weight (kg) BF% Water % BD


  • On the Road i.e. Walking – Usually done with my walking partner Eunice but sometimes I do walk solo.  We walk at least 2 miles.  Most times when I’m on my own, I do intervals of jogging.  I usually do the jog intervals by landmarks versus time or distance.
  • Movement practices via Gold Medal Bodies (GMB): – Daily Battery and Get Up/Stand Up.
  • Focused Flexibility via GMB – a stretching program that allows you to evaluate then focus on what areas you need to stretch as an individual
  • Unbreakable Series via GMB – more movement practice to build strength, motor control & flexibility
  • Sweat & Burn – Aerobic type workouts like the zumba videos on youtube and Body Images Socaerobics class
  • Toning & Conditioning – Using yoga, pilates, bodyweight or free weights.  This month continues with Sean Vigue 30 day total beginner program

November, 2017

Here’s the overview of what I did for the month of November.

  • Walk 19 sessions
  • Dance or Aerobics n/a
  • Mobility (includes yoga & stretching) 7 sessions
  • Strength training (includes body weight, weights & resistance) 4 sessions


Detailed below

Wednesday 1st – Saturday 4th

  • Wednesday day: w
  • Thursday: w + s + m
  • Friday: w + m

Sunday 5th – Saturday 11th

  • Monday: w
  • Tuesday: w + s + m
  • Wednesday: w + m
  • Thursday: w
  • Friday: w

Sunday 12th – Saturday 18th

  • Tuesday: w
  • Wednesday: w
  • Thursday: w

Sunday 19th – Saturday 25th

  • Monday: w + s
  • Tuesday: w + m
  • Wednesday: w
  • Thursday: w + m
  • Friday: w + s + m

Sunday 26th – Thursday 30th

  • Monday: w
  • Tuesday: w
  • Wednesday: w

October (and September), 2017


Concerning September, I’ve got no record of doing any exercise at all.  Truth be told, the devastation from the storms was so shocking that exercise was the furthest thing from the mind.  It was literally a time for the country on the whole to figure out how to put the pieces of life back together.  Islandwide power and communication was a struggle to say the least.  In the days after the 2nd storm I may have walked a few times but I really can’t say for sure.


At this point electricity and communication services were still not available in most places and all the gyms were severely damaged in the storms.

What this meant for exercise was:

  • No more zumba or gym classes
  • No more YouTube workouts which is where I got the majority of my zumba and prenatal workouts
  • Finding a new walking route and time – the roads were very damaged, a curfew was implemented, all the street lights were out and I had to move to a different part of the island so early morning walks were no longer possible

However, the country was slowly pulling itself together and enough repairs had been made at this point so that working out at the QE2 park was now feasable, doable and as life would have it convenient since Max was now training there.

Here’s the overview of what I did for the month of October. N.b. I only have the chance to workout once a day now so I’ve removed the days from the overview.

  • Walk 15 sessions
  • Dance or Aerobics n/a
  • Mobility (includes yoga & stretching) 4 sessions
  • Strength training (includes body weight, weights & resistance) 8 sessions

N.b. I didn’t record details about the specific exercises I did most days, only the category so I’ll mostly record w for walking, s for strength work and m for mobility and stretching

Walking – we would do 4 laps minimum but I have no idea of the distance and our speed would vary depending on how we felt

Strength – this usually included squats, lunges, incline push ups and dips; sometimes calf raises + a few times standing leg raising exercises and arm circling  burnouts

Detailed below

Sunday 1st – Saturday 7th

  • Tuesday: resistance bands arm work at home
  • Saturday: w + s + m

Sunday 8th – Saturday 14th

  • Sunday: w + s (arms only)
  • Wednesday: w
  • Thursday: w
  • Friday: w

Sunday 15th – Saturday 21st

  • Monday: w
  • Tuesday: w
  • Wednesday: w
  • Thursday: w
  • Friday: w + s

Sunday 22nd – Saturday 28th

  • Monday: w + s
  • Wednesday: w + s
  • Thursday: w
  • Friday: w + s + m

Sunday 29th – Tuesday 31st

  • Monday: w + m
  • Ties day: w + s + m