How I Track (2016 update)


I take my monthly measurements twice a month, right at the beginning (or as close as I can remember) and about midway (likewise about remembering).

The following measurements come from a scale I have at home:  Wt – weight in kg (previously in pounds ) /  Bf – body fat %  /  W – water %  /  BD – bone density

The following measurements I decided to exclude this year but will measure them at the beginning and end of workout programs for the purpose of tracking circumference loss/gains.  All measurements were previously done in inches, but will now be done in centimeters.  ws – waist in cm /  ch – chest / ds – destroyers / bc – bicep

What are destroyers? The roundest part of my thigh.  I prefer measuring here rather than hips because I store fat on my outer and inner thighs, lower than my hip area as would be measured by a tailor/seamstress.  (I never understand why hips are measured on people like me in the first place.  I can’t say how many skirts  and pants I couldn’t wear because they were too tight around my hips as in the curviest part of my thighs because they were made to fit my hips as in what the seamstress/tailor measures.  Anyway…I’m getting distracted…let’s get back on topic.)  I call this part “destroyers” because of the amount of pants that have been destroyed by my inner thighs.

I use the left leg and arm for the destroyers and biceps measurements.  No particular reason why.


Here I listed exactly what exercises I’ve done each day throughout the week.  I’m discontinuing this however because I don’t find the time to record weekly.


This is where I write about how I felt about my eating and exercise – my ups and down with my health and fitness progress.


This is my new tracking category and replaces the Weekly Activities.  This list is not as detailed as before but to me quite adequate.  It is a percentage based on what I did and what I expected to do for the month for my health & fitness categories.


At the beginning of each month, I take photos to show how my body has changed based on the work done in the month before.  So, my October photos would be taken on the 1st of November for example.  I usually do a front, side, side angle and back view and take the photo in a sports bra and tights, but if I feel really unhappy with the way my midsection looks I will keep a shirt on.  I might change this to taking the photos on the last day of the month instead but I’m not sure…in any case, I note when the photos were taken.


This was a temporary tracker.  I took on a weight loss challenge so started recording my meals using photographs.  Sometimes I took a picture of the finished product and sometimes I include the ingredients used.



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