2017 August Fitness Videos

When I work on mobility I usually do one move for 30 seconds to a minute then work on another.  Sometimes I try to go straight to the next move but more often now I have to take a break between each move.  It makes me feel a bit unfit but I am just grateful I am still able to do mobility work while pregnant.



2016 July Fitness Videos

Danny Kavadlo’s Strength Rules starter workouts.  I’m aiming to do these workouts 3 times a week rather than 4 because I’m doing other stuff as well and don’t want to burn out.

I did workout #1 for 2 weeks before moving on to workout #2.  I only managed 2 workouts in the 2nd week because it was just a really busy week.


Today was my first go at workout #2.  I had to modify it as I had no means of doing the Australian Pull Up so I continued with the active hang instead.  I changed my grip for each round of active hang that I did starting with a shoulder width pull up grip, then shoulder width chin up grip and finally the wider pull up grip which is what you’ll see in the video below.

2016 May Fitness Video

Precision Nutrition’s How to stay in shape when you’re busy circuit.

I modified it so that some of the exercises were more like what I do in my Movement practices.  I also substituted the last exercise which should have been dead lifts, with kettle bell swings.  They work pretty much the same area but I think the swings are more effective.


Wall handstand attempt

I haven’t done these in a while.  I had some fear but just went for it.