23rd – 30th April, 2017

Here’s the overview of what I did for the rest of April as far as working out goes

Summary of exercise done over the remaining 9 days of the month

  • Walk 5 days
  • Dance or Aerobics 2 days
  • Mobility 4 days
  • Strength (includes body weight, weight, resistance) 2 days


Detailed below

Saturday 22nd

  • Walked 1h30m


Sunday 23rd – Saturday 29th

  • Monday: Walk 40m
  • Tuesday: Walk 43m, dance (probably youtube stuff) 30m
  • Wednesday: Walk 43m, Mobility 8m
  • Thursday: Resistance 26m, Mobility 8m
  • Friday: Walk 45m, Resistance 26m, Mobility 10m
  • Saturday: Cize 43m, Mobility 10m
  • These walks were probably all with Eunice.  Not sure if we did our squats and lunges with each but most likely we did

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