Biting more than I can chew

Last week I tried 2 challenges: Not having bread everyday and having a glass of water upon waking.  I realized that I’m not yet ready to handle more than one challenging goal – I was very successful with the water upon waking goal, missing only one day but had a complete failure with the no consumption of bread goal. I think I did have one or two days (probably just one) where I didn’t eat bread but I ate cake on those days so I counted that as a failure.  I will thus keep my challenge goal as just one goal.  I will make notes of when I accomplish any of the other goals that I previously set which up to this point have been:

  1. Don’t have bread everyday
  2. Drink a full bottle of water/lemon water upon waking

but they won’t be the focus of my efforts and I won’t feel bad if I don’t achieve them.

My challenge goal for this week (3rd  – 9th April) is a daily 12 hour fast.  So I’m not eating between 10:30 pm and 10:30 am.  The time is so late to accommodate my late night rehearsals after which I am always hungry.  I originally was planning for 10 pm to 10 am but last night I realized that after leaving class, stopping by the store and getting home to prepare the salad that I had, I would have had to chug the salad in order to get it in by 10.

It’s only 7:46 am and I’m already feeling the hunger pangs but I will hang in there.  There was a time when I was doing this everyday for several months so I know I can do this for a week.  Finally, since the challenge started Monday night, I will have to make sure I also wait until after 10:30 am on the Monday following this week for the final day to be counted.


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