2017, April


Measurement 1 Date – Saturday 1st April Time –  6:49 PM
Weight (kg) BF% Water % BD
 70.05 32.2 49.5 6.4

Measurement 2 Date – Saturday  Time –  AM
Weight (kg) BF% Water % BD


This month I’m not sure what I will do.  I’ve kept the same programs on the list the past few months but have rarely done them to be honest (evident in my weekly activity logs) so think of the list below as potentials rather than set in stone.

  • On the Road:  Walking w/ Eunice or Running w/ Max
  • Mobility Work: GMB’s Daily Battery and Get Up/Stand Up, GMB’s Vitamin, maybe the MovNat routine that I found on youtube
  • Flexibility – GMB’s Focused Flexibility, Sara Beth Yoga for posture flows on youtube
  • Sweat & Burn – Aerobic type workouts like the zumba videos on youtube and Body Images Socaerobics class
  • Toning & Conditioning – Sean Vigue Power Yoga, GMB’s Unbreakable, Body Images weight training class

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