Upset with telecommunications

I never made it to the gym yesterday but I did workout at home so not a complete lost.

This morning I got up to go walking with Eunice…turns out the text came really late so she having sent and having gotten no response (considering she sent it like 20 minutes before I received it) she went ahead without me.  I’m a bit disappointed but I’m glad that she did go out and walked and that it wasn’t that she’d had a crash on her way which is what I was beginning to fear when I couldn’t reach her.  Outside of being grateful that she is ok, I’m pretty pissed off with telecommunications.

I definitely am not going to the gym this morning because I really need to be to work early today and I haven’t ironed and all of that stuff so looks like gym will be tomorrow morning. Although I feel pretty beat up, I’m going to do the next Sean Vigue workout since I’m up.


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