Disappointed and a bit frustrated

It’s already Wednesday and I still haven’t got up for a morning walk this week.  Monday I woke up feeling absolutely exhausted, Tuesday I had pulled an almost all-nighter doing some work and never went to bed until around 3 so despite setting an alarm I never woke up and I don’t even know what happened this morning.  I just know I woke at around 4:20 so had missed the text from Eunice that came in at our usual 4 to say she was on her way.

Sunday evening  I felt like I would have gotten myself together this week but I’m truly disappointing myself.  Maybe it’s happening but just not as quickly as I think it should, after all, I started doing the daily battery and get ups again this week.  Maybe next week I’ll be able to add something else until I am up to the full plan.

It’s after 5 now and I really don’t feel like doing any exercise but perhaps I’ll just start with the daily battery and that will get the ball rolling, or maybe I’ll just go back to sleep for another half hour to hour or maybe I’ll get in some school work.


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