Still not on track

As this is titled, I’m still not on track.

I was hoping this week to get off of pastries and cut down bread but I ran out of cooking gas so that kinda threw a spoke in the wheel.  In a nut shell food was really bad this week. I not only had bread (wheat butter flaps, sweet buns, wheat rolls)  but also cookies (danish butter cookies, Pepperidge Farm dark chocolate & pecan), lots of cereal (honey nut cheerios mostly) and patties (Jamaican chicken and veggie). I still got in some days of salads though and even had a peach this week.

I didn’t do a good job of sticking with the workout plan.  I’ve done so poorly it’s like I don’t even have a plan!.  No insanity this week.  Kinda disappointed in myself about this but oh well…what can one do but dust thyself off and aim to do better in the next week right?


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