15th -21st January

Wednesday 18th January

We got out late but Eunice and I did the shorter walk + 12 lunges, squats and push-ups


Thursday 19th January

I got in Grace Kavadlo’s bodyweight workout and day 7 of Sean Vigue’s beginner training program (minus the Australian pull ups).  Didn’t walk with Eunice but took the dogs for a short walk.

Friday 20th January

Eunice and I did our long walk this morning + 12 lunges, squats and push ups – a great start to the day I think. So, my boyfriend and I didn’t go to the park to workout, instead we did a workout at home.  For some STUPID reason I decided let’s do Insanity!  I called it quits after the first circuit and he obliged lol.  I actually then decided to do one set of the 2nd circuit, leading into the cool down stretch.  I can’t believe I use to do that WHOLE workout!  Then we finished off with day 8 of Sean Vigue’s 30 day beginner training program which was a 10 minute easy core workout.

I can’t remember doing anything this weekend sadly.



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