Finally walking again

Eunice and I finally started back walking this week.  We walked on Monday and today but missed yesterday (it was raining pretty heavily when we usually go out so I didn’t ring her when I didn’t see a message from her as yet).

It feels good to be walking again although I honestly didn’t feel like walking this morning.

As for the other exercises…they are still waiting on me to get my stuff together.  Last Saturday (or was that the Saturday before?) I woke up with Tony Horton’s Power 90 workout on the brain so I did that and one day last week I did the beginner body-weight workout Grace Kavadlo has on, ( minus the Australian pull-ups (no where to do those) but I haven’t been sticking with the planned program at all.  It’s been fairly cold so I’ve not been wanting to get out of bed.  Maybe I was a bear in another life.

I’ve at least been consistently going to training and don’t miss more than one day of the 3 training days each week.  Training is tough and I really need to get consistent with this other stuff so I can actually keep up in class.  Last class I got really light-headed at the end of class…like, really focus on getting your breath under control before you pass out vibe, but luckily I didn’t pass out although it took time and what felt like a considerable effort for that spell to pass.

I forgot to take my measurements so will hopefully do that tomorrow morning.

Also, I’m suppose to be off the pastries from now on.  So far I had a small piece of icing cake on Tuesday (my coworker’s b’day was Monday so he shared cake with us) but I haven’t actually gone to the store to buy any pastries so I’m feeling pretty proud of myself (so what if it’s only been 3 days).

Today I gave in to the urge for sugar and bought some hobnobs (these are soooooo good with peanut butter!)  I’ve eaten 2 peanut butter & hobnobs sandwiches for the evening.  I thought I would have demolished them all but instead dry roasted some peanuts.  I may still have one more peanut butter & hobnob sandwich before I retire for the night though.

Yep.  Definitely going to do that…now…adios.


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