Well…Been a while.

I think I must not be ready for the fitness change I keep thinking I want to make because I haven’t been very consistent over the past few months with working out or eating well.  I started off the year well but I just fell off and haven’t found the will to get back on the health and fitness train.

Hmm…does this yoyo-ing sound familiar??


What am I still up to?

Still doing some GMB work.  I started Elements again during the vacation but have not been making an effort to do it on consecutive days as it was meant to be done.  I’ve pretty much just done it when I felt like it.  So far I’ve gotten to week 1 day 3. I thought I would have gotten a lot more of the program done since I was on vacation but…nope.

I started back doing Sean Vigue Yoga so I’m also working through his 30 day total beginner training program via Youtube.  I’ve been trying to get my boyfriend to join in on these and so far he’s been indulging me.   Together we’ve done up to day 4 (I did day 5 on my own so I’m actually up to day 5).  I’ve been going at this with the same enthusiasm (or lack thereof) that I have with Elements.

What’s new?

I’ve gone back to Purple Dragon.  I’m super out of shape (especially when it comes to running and holding stances) but training is awesome…I really missed it and it’s even better now that I get to train alongside my boyfriend.

I’m not eating as much meat as I use to (mainly because my boyfriend doesn’t eat meat and I kinda like eating with him).  Sadly, however I have somehow paralleled my decrease in meat with a decrease in veggies and an increase in starch…not good for weight loss but…oh well.  I suppose I will get it together when I am really ready to get it together.  I mean, I have before so I should be able to do it again…right??

I got a fitbit surge as a gift a while back and finally was able to set it up.  I wore it for a couple of days then got tired of wearing it.  I will however probably make an effort to at least wear it when I am going to walk and when I am doing a workout at home.  I was thinking I’d use it to track the course of my working day but I’m not fully committed to that idea yet.  I tried the tracking my meals thing on the dashboard for a few days but its too time consuming…especially when your have to figure out how to list a homemade  or Caribbean meal that you may not have prepared or served yourself so you have no idea what your serving size is and what all went into it and so on and so forth.  I mean, I could just pick the closest generic thing but if I’m going to go through the headache of tracking meals for tracking calories purposes then I’d like it to be as accurate as possible.

That’s all for now.  Not sure how often I will write.  I’m pretty bad at keeping up with my blogs but maybe I will get better…at least hopefully it won’t be another couple of months before I make an update.

Speaking of updates…I suppose I can get on the scale now and make a note of my measurements…

I’ll put that in another post.



2 thoughts on “Well…

    • Thanks! You do have that dedication and motivation too. I can recall you going to the gym and look at all those nutritious and delicious looking smoothies and salads you were making at one point. So, I hope you keep going as well…we will both eventually figure out a way to stay on track.

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