2016 September


Measurement 1 Date – Sunday 18th September Time –  7:15 AM
Weight (kg) BF% Water % BD
 68.1 31.3  50.2 6.3

Measurement 2 Date – Friday 30th September Time – 7:09 AM
Weight (kg) BF% Water % BD
 65.55  30.3  50.9  6.3



  • Mostly walking done with my walking partner Eunice.  Our aim right now is to walk at least 2 miles five times/week.  When I did walk on my own I would do intervals of jogging but haven’t been walking on my own in ages.  I doubt I will do any of that this month.
  • Aerobic type workouts like the zumba videos on youtube and Body Images classes

Movement – Mobility & Flexibility

  • Via Gold Medal Bodies (GMB): – My staples are Daily Battery and Get Up/Stand Up.   http://gmb.io/
  • Unbreakable series via GMB
  • Focused Flexibility via GMB
  • Yoga – Mostly basic sun salutation


  • Danny Kavadlo’s Strenght Rules Starter workouts
  • Kettlebell swings
  • Antranik’s body line drills.


  • Handstand – I’m following the GMB tutorial.  This month it is not a focus however and I may only do the practice occasionally if at all


  • Joining in on the Nutrition with a Twist (NWAT) challenge (finally).  It’s a group where you set 2 personal nutrition goals and earn points for sticking with your goals for the month.



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