First half of September (almost) and a little bit before

My logging is going to be a bit different due to 2 circumstances that have come about recently

  1. I incredulously managed to delete my entire “my documents” folder so all of my fitness data (and a host of other very important folders and documents) are gone!
  2. My computer is detecting a hard drive error and although it suggests I back up my files, refuses to let me do so (due to another error!)

So I’ll just be making notes here.  I’ll try to do it daily so as not to forget stuff.


I’m doing a challenge via GMB’s alpha posse (NWAT September) where I have set 2 goals for myself and get a point for every day that I achieve both goals.  These goals are:

  1. To have vegetables and an apple everyday
  2. To have cookies only once a week

I’ve missed apples on 2 days but have been consistent with my vegetable consumption.  I had a pack of cookies on Saturday 10th – my first for the month so have so far stuck with my cookie challenge.

This puts my present score at 12/14

Other things I’m working on but haven’t set as my challenge goal (yet) are:

  • Water consumption:  Right now I’m going for 64 oz a day minimum which I usually get in unless I run out of water and didn’t get to the machine to refill.
  • Intermittent fasting: Maintaining a 12-14 hr fast daily.

I’ve also been logging what I eat daily:

  • First meal (9:12am) – finished apple, 4 slices of turkey bacon, spinach omelette & coconut french toast
  • Last meal (8:15pm) – finished lentil, pumpkin & bok choy soup + Simply Delicious chicken fried rice w/ extra plantains
  • Other eats: 1 small gala apple (ate half at 8:35am), finished Samai plantian chips, CTL coconut tart



Walking – This is the 3rd week my walking buddy and I have consistently walked every weekday.  For the 2 weeks before that we only walked once each of those weeks.  The shorter version of the walk is about 2 miles and takes us just around the roundabouts.  The longer version of the walk is not much longer but takes us up Baugher’s Bay hill/down Quomar’s hill plus includes a very short jog up Treasure Isle hill.  Also, we often end the walks with a set of alternate lunges (counting each leg as one), squats and incline push-ups (against the car).  The amount of reps we do ranges from 10 to 12 presently.  This week:

  • Monday – Longer walk w/ 12 reps of all exercises
  • Tuesday – Shorter walk w/ no hills nor exercises after
  • Wednesday – Longer walk minus Treasure Isle hill w/ 12 squats only

2 days to go!



I’ve been working on starter workout #2 from Danny Kavadlo’s book “Strength Rules.”  I think I only did one day last week but definitely did 2 days in the 2 previous weeks.  I’m working the max reps for each exercise.  I don’t feel like I’m strong enough to move on yet although I am comfortable with the execution of the exercises I think.  This week I’ve split the workout over 2 days as seen below:

  • Monday – 3×20 Squats, Knee push ups & Lower ab crunch
  • Tuesday – 10 Australian pull ups + Antranik’s body line drill (not a part of strenght rules but includes holds in the program)
  • Wednesday – 3×20 Squats, Knee push ups & Lower ab crunch + 1 minute dumbbell swings (2×8 lbs) + 1 minute deadlifts (same pair of dumbbells)

Even though my main aim when strength training is to use calisthenics, I will occasionally do some stuff with dumbbells (because I have them).

Antranik is a fellow GMB client who has his own website ( with tutorials and blogs teaching skills and yoga and different stuff like that.  His body line drill consists of 5 holds (plank, side planks, reverse plank, hollow body and superman) to build core strength.  Strength rule includes almost all of these so I’ve just sort of merged the body line drill into what I’m doing with strength rules.


Movement – Mobility & Strength

I’m still using the GMB programs to keep moving.  Prior to this week I was (inconsistently) continuing with my Daily Battery, Get up Stand up and Unbreakable.

Unbreakable – I’m going to work backward with my record of this

  • Last week (5th -11th): I only did one day of the back flow but my intention was to do Track 1 (a different body flow every weekday then the compressed flows on the weekend)
  • Aug 29th – Sep 4th:  I think I did about 4 days of compressed flows
  • 22nd – 28th Aug: Changed to Track 2 and completed it as outlined (I think)
  • 15th – 21st Aug: Did all the body flows and one day of compressed flow but there were 2 days I didn’t do the flows so I doubled up on some days
  • 8th – 14th Aug: Began Unbreakable and completed Track 1 as outlined

Back to the present.  I’m going to pick back up with Track 1 next week and hopefully end the final week of September and my Unbreakable series with Track 2.  I want to go on to one of the skills programs for the last 3 months of the year.  I’m torn between F1 and P1.


Movement – Daily Battery + Get up, Stand up + Flexibility

These are what I like to think of as my bare minimum.  I haven’t really done these this week but I’ve been doing at least 4 days every week before this one.   I recently started incorporating yoga balance poses for the minute of balance work but this week I didn’t do any pose – just balanced on one leg with the other bent in front of my body.  From last week I decided since I wasn’t being consistent with my FF practice to take a break from FF and try doing some beginner’s yoga instead.  So far this week:

  • Monday – nothing done
  • Tuesday – 1 Seiza get up
  • Wednesday – 1st 4 minutes of daily battery + 2 rounds of a very basic sun salutation.  I purposely stopped here because the exercise would be included in what I do in strength rules.  I did however forget about the stretch so will put that in tomorrow.  I think this week I will do the lunge stretch.  3 Seiza get-ups (2 were not very good though)

Last week

  • Surfer get up
  • Standing hip opener (balance), Crow pose (using Antranik’s tutorial – stayed on the first stage all week) & Glute stretch
  • Beginner flow by Sadie Nardini on a few days.


  • I’ve been following the order of the get ups so I just do a different one each week
  • I don’t try the front lever so only alternate between 3 of the 4 exercises
  • Other yoga poses I’ve used for the balance minute include: Tree, Warrior III (airplane version mostly) and Dancer/Lord of the Dance
  • n.b. I used Antranik’s tutorial for the crow pose because the last 2 times I attempted it I just couldn’t find the balance even though I have done it before.  Oddly, my arms feel very weak when I’m doing this pose, even on the first step that Antranik suggests but it did feel better starting on the block so hopefully I’ll be able to get back to the point where I can just get into the pose even if just to hold for a few seconds as I was doing before.


Other Stuff

I was also tracking stuff I either want to work on or like doing but haven’t been making time to do like:

  • craft
  • learning Spanish
  • writing with my left hand
  • drawing
  • writing (poetry or a story)
  • reading for entertainment
  • self growth (reading articles or listening to podcast)
  • listening to music

I really can’t remember what the status is with these up to this point so I’ll just note what I was able to do today and go from there:

  • left hand
  • self growth
  • listen to music

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