July 2016 Reflections

I’m really late on reporting my fitness progress this month.

I’ve slacked off in the walking department because I simply haven’t been waking up early enough despite setting alarms.  I’ve been pretty consistent however with my movement practices and even with stretching 🙂  Ab focus hasn’t really been happening but I’m not stressed about it because my abs get worked with every movement practice that I do.

I’ve been keeping up with my daily apple and have had some successful bread free days although still not near my target.  I’ve slacked off with my water consumption some so need to get back on top of that.

This month has been super busy and I have had a lot of long days, coming home very late so I haven’t been getting enough sleep and have had some bad late night food consumption as a result.  I know in most cases when I eat that late it’s because I’m tired and that I don’t need to because I’m going to bed but being aware still hasn’t stopped me. Gonna keep working on that though.




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