June 2016 Reflections

Well we’re in June.  The first week has already gone and I’ve had some ups and downs.  On the down side, I’ve had flour everyday this week and in its worse forms – fried (Johnny cakes and patties) as well as sweet (cinnamon rolls, cakes).   On the up side however, I’ve had veggies everyday this week and I finally finished Integral Strength.

What’s new?

I’ve mixed up my mix veggies.  Instead of the usual classic mixed veggies, I’m having California blend.

I’m doing the Tortola Dance Project Festival class and will probably be in their troupe come August Monday.

What are my workout plans?

Get in the gym 3 days a week.

Do the 21 day kettlebell challenge – haven’t figured out how I’m going to do it yet as I have no kettlebell and it requires 21 consecutive days of work.

Start GMB’s handstand tutorial

Resume my flexibility work with Focused Flexibility


This has not been going very well this month.  I think I’ve had flour every day this month – really bad flour too (patties, cinnamon rolls, french toast, cake).  My PMS brought on a serious chocolate cookie craving and unfortunately the island seems to be out of chocolate chips (I know because after going to A-value several times and not finding chocolate chip cookies I decided I would just bake some but neither Riteway nor One Mart had any chocolate chips or chocolate chunks).  I’ve thus been eating all sorts of other crap (made monkey bread twice, monkey bread pizza, cookies using bits of kit kat and crunch chocolate bars to substitute for the chocolate chip cookies) and I still want chocolate chip cookies 😦

June 19th

I’ve been home all day and have been searching You Tube for easy cake and cookie recipes.  I unfortunately (probably fortunately) don’t have enough oil and have no butter so can’t make any of the recipes I found.  My period is winding down but I’m still desperately craving chocolate chip cookies.  I feel like an addict going through withdrawal…seriously.  On the good side, this week has be the first in a long time that I did a full week of my daily movement practices so I feel really good about that even though there were days I didn’t want to.

June 22nd

Yesterday I actually had a day free of flour!  I feel very proud of myself.

Today was not so awesome.  I broke fast today with 2 patties and a cinnamon roll from the gas station.  I actually went back to the gas station to buy the 2nd pattie after eating the first (it was really good and I was feeling emotionally disturbed) and even though I knew I was really going to get it to try to ward off the unhappy emotions, I still went on ahead and bought and ate it the 2nd one.  I did have some moments where I remembered about eating mindfully and slowed my eating a bit but those moments were few and far between throughout the course of the meal.

Sadly, I’m already making plans to have flour again tomorrow (I really want some french toast from Spinks) so I will aim for Friday to be my next flour free day.  I think though, I won’t allow myself any French Toast if I haven’t worked out

They say knowing is half the battle – perhaps tomorrow I will wake up and be ready to start on the doing half of things and won’t buy french toast at all.  Let’s see if I will surprise myself.

Working out has been going pretty well this week.  I did miss stretching yesterday though.  Thing is, I don’t like stretching – it is so boring!  I’m going to really really try not to miss any more days though.

June is over.  It was a good month for working out.  Not so good for flexibility work because I only resumed that about mid month but that will continue to be a work in progress.  My flour consumption was absolutely terrible and surprisingly my water consumption was not great.



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