2016 June


Measurement 1 Date – Thursday 16th June Time –  7:56 AM
Weight (kg) BF% Water % BD
 67.1  30.6  50.7 6.3

Measurement 2 Date – Saturday 2nd July Time – 8:39 AM
Weight (kg) BF% Water % BD
 66.55 30.6 50.6 6.3


  • On the Road i.e. Walking – Usually done with my walking partner Eunice but sometimes I do walk solo.  We walk at least 2 miles.  Most times when I’m on my own, I do intervals of jogging.  I usually do the jog intervals by landmarks versus time or distance.
  • Movement practices via Gold Medal Bodies (GMB): – Daily Battery and Get Up/Stand Up.   http://gmb.io/
  • Focused Flexibility via GMB – Squat + Shoulder combined motions
  • Handstand via GMB – I’m following their tutorial.  This month I will be focused on the wall walk up in 10 minute sessions 6 times per week
  • Sweat & Burn – Aerobic type workouts like the zumba videos on youtube and Body Images Socaerobics class
  • Toning & Conditioning – Weight training and strength building workouts like Body Images’ weight training class, Body weight exercises and Workouts using dumbbells or a kettlebell. I also want to start some focused ab work this month

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