May 2016 Reflections

The struggle continues.

I’ve fallen off this month with my tracking and so have not been maintaining well with everything else.  I’m trying to come up with a new system of tracking that is not as time consuming so I can stick with it.  I’m not sure I will have updates for this month as I really have been doing a piss poor job of recording.

In general I can say that I’ve been slacking on my main program workouts – only doing them about 3 or 4 times a week at the most and have also been slacking with the stuff I’m suppose to be consistent with outside of working out.

On the good side, my slacking has led to me trying a few different things this week – some variety – to try to break the slum I’m in.  I did this workout:

It’s a circuit with some animal movement and traditional exercises that I got through Precision Nutrition.  I also did some Zumba classes this month and got back in the gym doing the weight training class.

I have 2 weeks of Integral Strength to go and I hope I can get it together to not drag those 2 weeks out to 3 or 4 like I’ve done with the last 2 weeks of the program.

Yes, the struggle continues but I won’t give up the fight.

May 30

Yesterday I concluded all 6 days of Integral Strength practice for that week so I am very pleased with myself for having being consistent.  I’ve got one more week to go!


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