January 2016 Reflection


As it’s a new year I’m working on a simpler way to track as I don’t get on the computer to do my personal activities much.  I think the reflections will continue like this, where I just type about what I was feeling, any new stuff I’m doing, disappointments and the like when I am compelled to.

Well…February is on its way out and here I am trying to reflect on January.

I can say that I was very unmotivated this month.  I felt very unsure about what to do next and so did nothing next, that is, I didn’t chose a main workout program.  Well, the result of doing that was not good.  I put back on quite a few pounds.

The lack of motivation to workout naturally spilled over into a lack of motivation to keep working on my meals.  Perhaps it was the other way around…I don’t know.  I just know that I did a lot of slacking in both areas this month.  While I had never given up my dependency on food, I did have a lot more control in the later months of last year than I’ve had this month.  This month I would say with certainty that I’ve become dependent on food again to deal with my emotions.

It has not been a good month for fitness.



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