February 2016 Reflection

Sadly, this month began where I left of in January – no motivation to exercise, making poor eating choices and turning to junk food to deal with feelings of stress.  I also forgot to mention that my consumption of ice has also gone back up.  I probably need to get rid of my ice trays and never buy another small bottle of water again.

At one point I had to reach out to Alpha posse for help because I was feeling so low.  Talking to them really helped.  Once I was able to get out of the slum enough to think, I realized 2 things.

  1. I NEED a plan.  I can’t just say “Ok, let’s see what I feel like doing today.”  I need the structure and guidance of a program.
  2. I NEED a focus.  I have so many different workout and nutrition programs that I get overwhelmed trying to decide on what to do.  I either try to do too much and burn out or end up doing nothing at all.  The people at GMB talk about it all the time and I was hearing but I wasn’t listening, you know.  So I decided that in addition to the Daily Battery (because why shouldn’t I be able to do 8 minutes of movement work every day?) I will choose a main program and let that be the thing I do no matter what.

With that in mind guess what…I made a plan!  Well, I started one anyway.

I’ve decided to try to plan what programs I will work on as my main for the year.  So far, I’ve started with 10 minute trainer because of my lack of motivation.  I figure, 10 minutes is not long so I have no excuse not to do it.  I only started this week but so far I have done it every day.  I am going to see if I can do focus flexibility along with this, starting this week coming, but if it becomes too time consuming then I will go back to just 10 minute trainer.

I also decided that Integral Strength will be my next main program and that I would like to try Parallettes later on in the year.  Right now, I’m thinking I will run my mains so that I alternate a workout program with a movement/skills program simply because I don’t have a lot of time to do them both without sacrificing sleep.  With what I have decided on so far, I will run the 4 week course of 10 minute trainer, then I will be starting Integral Strength mid March.

I’ve also been experimenting with my tracking so there will be some new categories added to my list.  It’s kinda sad that I have to plan to do the things I like doing but the reality is, I keep putting those things on the back burner and have decided this year I will do it no more!  I must make time for the things I enjoy because there is more to life than work and working out (as much as I usually enjoy working out).

It feels great to have a plan!


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