December 1 -28 Reflection & Weekly Activities

I didn’t realize how long I was away.  Rather than doing the weekly reflection and activities for this time period, I will do them all in one review and hopefully resume my weekly reviews after this.


At my last measurement (on the 15th) I was down to 136.9 lbs and 28.3% bf which took me out of the red and into the normal range for body fat.  I was actually surprised but I am pretty sure when I weigh at the beginning of January I will be back in the 140’s…maybe even back to 150!  With the approaching of Christmas, this has not been a good season for food at all.  I’ve been killing chocolate, cookies and tart, especially during this last week and even had a day I went and bought bread.  I did continue to make an effort to have some vegetables each day although I was not always successful.  Many times I went to the store hoping to get a chicken salad but there was none.  😦

Cize was going great but as the weeks started to progress and there was less time due to extra services needing bulletins, sickness of the head of the bulletin crew and preparation for the Christmas concert, we started loosing workout days each week.  The week of Christmas we only did one day of Cize.  Hopefully this coming week we will be back on track.

My pedometer died so there will be no steps recorded for this session.  I did get an awesome fitness watch for Christmas so I can start recording steps again.

I haven’t been doing as much zumba nor toning as I’d like – I usually try for every other day in a week, alternating the zumba days with the toning days.  I also have done very little yoga and stretching – I just have not been motivated to do either is the honest truth.

My movement practice has been excellent.  I completed Elements working up to 10 minutes advance and 10 minutes free flow so I am very proud about that.  I’m not sure what I will move on to next but will keep doing the daily battery, alternating squat/lunge days with push up/forward fold days.  I started alternating these two focuses after the November challenge so that I can keep both my squat and my push ups at a decent level.  I’m thinking about moving on to Integral Strength next but may have to wait until February to start it after I’ve dealt with the heavy bills that come in January, so I may instead start the year with Focused Flexibility…we’ll see what happens.

I found some workouts on youtube that I think my mom could handle with the different issues she has, so I’ve been working out with her doing them as well during this session while I’m off from work.

Weekly Activities

December Wk1 (1-6)

  • Walking – 2 days with Eunice doing 4 miles each day and 2 days on my own walking to and from the gym.  One day included jogging intervals. 🙂
  • Reading? – 😦
  • GMB/Movement – Daily battery everyday.  Missed one day of Elements but made it up on the day after so did all of my Elements workout for this week as well. 😀
  • Kettlebells – All 3 days of kettlebell work.  I did Zuzka’s flow & swings 2 of the days.  On the last day I did a beginner kettlebell workout by Zuzka then a combo of the other 2 programs that I normally do.  😀
  • Socaerobics – All 2 days done 😀
  • Cize – All 6 days done.  The rest day was changed this week from Sunday to Friday. 😀
  •  Youtube zumba – None this week 😦
  • Toning & Conditioning – 2 days this week.  Exercises included Scales, Cat Vomit, Ab wheel and Myotatic crunch.  I did only one set of each of these exercises.
  • Do You Yoga -None this week 😦
  • Stretch/Cool Down – None this week 😦


December Wk2 (7-13)

  • Walking – 1 day with Eunice doing 2 mile and 3 days on my own walking to and from the gym for 2 and to the gym then from the gym to the church on the last day.  🙂
  • Reading? – I was able to do some reading 6 days this week.  Not a lot each day but this is a great improvement compared to last week. 🙂
  • GMB/Movement – Daily battery everyday and all Element days. 😀
  • Kettlebells – All 3 days of kettlebell work doing one program each day.  😀
  • Socaerobics – 1 day done 🙂
  • Cize – 5 days done.  Wednesday was the rest day this week and we missed Friday. 🙂
  •  Youtube zumba – 1 day, 4 videos in the session
  • Toning & Conditioning – 2 days this week.  Since I missed socaerobics on Tuesday, I went to the gym on Wednesday to make up but discovered this day is dedicated to toning.  On the 2nd toning day I did 1 set of scales.
  • Do You Yoga -None this week 😦
  • Stretch/Cool Down – 1 day this week


December Wk3 (14- 20)

  • Walking – 2 days on my own walking to the gym both days and walking back home one day only 😦
  • Reading? – I only recorded the first 3 days this week and of those I only read on one day. 😦
  • GMB/Movement – Daily battery 6 days and all Element days. 😀
  • Kettlebells -Flow & swings 2 days this week – 3 sets each time
  • Socaerobics – Both days done with abs included the first day 😀
  • Cize – 4 days done and of those, one was Cize it up only.
  •  Youtube zumba – 1 day, 5 videos in the session
  • Toning & Conditioning – 2 days this week.  Scales were done in 3 sets x 4 reps only because it was right before class and I didn’t want to have done one side and ran out of time before I could complete the other.  Cat vomit was done one day and the Cize abs routine was done both days.  🙂
  • Do You Yoga – 1 day this week.  Up to session 13 now.
  • Stretch/Cool Down – None this week 😦
  • Mom’s workouts – 3 days of zumba and 2 days of Chair work at Stage 1, Episode 1


December Wk4 (21- 28)

  • Walking – 2 days with Eunice doing 2 miles each and 1 day on my own walking to the gym and back with jogging intervals
  • Reading? – I only read the last 3 days of this session but did a decent amount of reading on these days. 🙂
  • GMB/Movement – Daily battery 6 of the 8 days 😀
  • Kettlebells – I got in all three programs in 2 days this week.  😀
  • Socaerobics – Sadly, there was no class this week because people were not coming out.  You would think they would work out harder during this week because they know they will overeat. 😦
  • Cize – Only 1 day was done 😦
  •  Youtube zumba – 4 days this week + 1; 1 day of Latin (5 videos), 1 day of African (6 videos), 1 day of MoDiakite (13 videos) and 1 day of Ada (5 videos) 😀
  • Toning & Conditioning – 5 days this week + 1.  This included: Planks, Cat Vomit & Scales, Myotatic crunch, Ab wheel and 2 of Ada’s videos – 1 for arms and 1 for abs  🙂
  • Do You Yoga -None this week so far…I’ll see if I can get myself to do some today
  • Stretch/Cool Down – 1 day this week
  • Mom’s workouts – I joined her on 3 days this week which included: 1 zumba (6 videos) and 2 chair at Stage 1 episode 2.  Mom actually did more on other days when I didn’t get up on time so I was very proud of her for that.



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