2015 December


Measurement 1 Date – Tuesday 1st December Time –  7:39 AM
Weight BF% Water % BD
 139.9 28.8 52 6.3
Arm Chest Waist Destroyers
12 35 29.25 25

Measurement 2 Date – Tuesday 15th December Time –  8:00 AM
Weight BF% Water % BD
 136.9 28.3 52.3 6.2
Arm Chest Waist Destroyers
11.75 34.75 29.5 24.5


  • On the Road i.e. Walking – Usually done with my walking partner Eunice but sometimes I do walk solo.  We walk at least 2 miles)
  • Jogging intervals (On my own, I usually do the jog intervals by landmarks versus time or distance)
  • Movement practices via Gold Medal Bodies (GMB): – Daily Battery and Elements http://gmb.io/
  • Song-length zumba style workouts on youtube by the following: Chelsea Toronto Zumba, AdaAri, Mariadela Ramirez, Isabella Larka, Flurim&Anka, Mo Diakite, Shani McGraham-Shirley and Z4 Group.  I’ve put them into playlist based on genre: Soca, Reggae & Reggaeton; African; and Latin
  • Body Images’ Soca Aerobics – set to Dominica Bouyon or Burning Flames
  • Stretching: Song length youtube videos
  • Toning – a variety of exercise I do at home or at the gym which includes: Ab wheel, Myotatic crunches (on the exercise ball), Kettlebell Swings, Cat vomit, Planks, Pull/Chin ups
  • Yoga – a 28 day beginner yoga series by doyouyoga:  http://www.doyouyoga.com/
  • Did you read today? – Reading anything at all.

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