November Challenges (16th – 22nd)

Daily Battery

Everyday.  Yay me!

Fat Loss

Still not doing very well with my eating.  I decided on Wednesday of this week I wouldn’t buy any more bread for the rest of the month.  Unfortunately, on two occasions where I performed they presented us with – you guessed it – bread or cake or pastries and I didn’t resist the urge to have it.  I at least did stick to my word and didn’t BUY any.

Over the days this week I decided it would be insane for me to try to give up bread products all together so I’ve decided that on either Wednesday or Thursday I will have pizza & patties from my uncle’s lunch stall and Saturday is my chocolate macadamia nut day.  The rest of the days I will try very very hard to avoid flour.  I should be trying to avoid sugar and unprocessed foods altogether on the other days but I’ve already bought a bunch of oat and dark chocolate granola bars so I know that’s not going to happen.

Here’s my updated measurements and photos for this week:



And my food logs for this week


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