November 23 -30 Reflection & Weekly Activities


Well, this coming week I will be starting Sean T’s “Cize” with the bulletin crew.  I am excited and hope we will be able to stay committed to the workouts.  I’m hoping to put in some extra work this week, maybe an extra day at the gym as well to make up for my slacking off the past 2 weeks and also so that I can make some progress in my fat loss challenge.  We will see how this week goes.

Weekly Activities

  • Walking – I walked 4 of the 8 days.  2 times with my walking buddy, once including jogging intervals and once just home to the gym.
  • Steps – 7 days with more than 10,000 steps 😀
  • Head & Heart – not a single thing done for this once again
  • GMB/Movement – Still awesome!  Daily battery and Elements everyday 😀
  • Kettlebells – 2 days of kettlebell work only.  I did Zuzka’s flow & swings one day and a short combo of the other 2 programs the other day because I got to the gym late and had limited time.
  • Socaerobics – I did both days of socaerobics.  I didn’t get in an extra aerobics day though.
  • Cize – All 6 days done.
  •  Youtube zumba – 1 day 4-video session this week
  • Toning & Conditioning – This was poor this week – I did only 3 chin ups one day.
  • Do You Yoga -3 sessions this week so I’m up to session 13 in the beginners program.  I did session 11 one day and sessions 12 and 13 on another day.
  • Stretch/Cool Down – I did this one day only

Reflection cont.

At the end of fat loss challenge i.e end of November, I went from 30.1% to 29.4% body fat.  Not much of a loss but at least I did make a loss and not a gain.  The daily battery challenge was great too…I was consistent most days and I don’t think I had any week where I missed more than one day.


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