November 16 – 22 Reflection & Weekly Activities


This was a very poor week for fitness as last week was.  I did not do much recording first of all (not like there was much to record) so I’m not even sure what I really did after Wednesday.   On the up side, I did get a pull-up done this week again which is awesome except that now that I’m getting a pull up done, I’m starting to struggle with the chin ups.

Weekly Activities

Here’s a summary of how this week went:

  • Walking – only 3 days this week although one day I did intervals of jogging
  • Steps – only 4 days with more than 10,000 steps
  • Head & Heart – not a single thing done for this
  • GMB/Movement – This was awesome. I did all of my Elements training as well as the daily battery every day
  • Kettlebells – I only did Zuzka’s flow and swings and it was done with my 8lb pair of dumbbells, not the kettlebell as I never made it to the gym this week
  • Socaerobics – I didn’t make it to ANY aerobics classes this week
  •  Youtube zumba – I did this only 2 days this week but did at least 5 videos in each session
  • Toning & Conditioning – I only did this on 2 days really this week – one day was my scales, little shrimp, 4 hour body exercise combo and the other day was the long pole conditioning exercise.
  • Do You Yoga – I only did 3 sessions this week so I’m up to session 10 in the beginners program.
  • Stretch/Cool Down – I did this one day only


Well, now that wordpress has changed things up I will probably keep using this summarized version to record my weekly activities since my tables are no longer transferring.




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