November Challenge (9th – 15th)

Daily Battery

I’ve been consistent with doing the daily battery first thing everyday this week.  I didn’t record myself everyday but below shows videos of my daily battery throughout this week.

Fat loss

I decided I would try intermittent fasting to work on the fat loss challenge and in particular, follow the Half Day Diet.  I started the week pretty well but it wasn’t long before I fell off track with what I was eating.  I was able to do the fasting period everyday this week though so I feel pretty good about that.  I’ll keep working on the meals as the month goes along and hopefully will have loss some fat at the end.

Fat loss videos

Body photos:



Date 9-Nov
Weight lbs 145.1
BF% 30.1
Water% 51
Bone Density 6.3
Arm 12.5
Chest 35.25
Waist 29.75
Destroyers 25.5

Food Log

Sunday 8th – Last thing I ate before I began

Time Meal Comments
8:30 PM Chocolate macadamia cookies Starting photo & measurements taken

Monday 9th

Time Meal Comments
12:30 PM 1/2 spinach omelette + 1 small tomato cut up 9:12 – Headache that felt like pressure was building up in my head.   Stomach ache close to 10 pm
4:12 PM 1/2 spinach omelette + 1 small apple
10:10 PM Bowl of Lentil & Veg soup

Tuesday 10th

Time Meal Comments
12:52 PM Thai Chili Tuna & 1/4 sweet potato Burning in stomach after aerobics and cramping in lower belly around 8 a.m.  Today was stressful at work and I feel like having a treat.  I’m going to try really hard not to give in to the urge.  5:35 and I’m craving bread.  My mouth is watering just thinking about fresh, hot rolls from the bakery 😦    I added salt and pepper to the chips and only ate about half of them
3:37 PM Thai Chili Tuna & 1/4 sweet potato (half of this portion)
5:57 PM Finished rest of Tuna & sweet potato
8:00 PM Had roasted cashews (my solution to the cravings)
9:00 PM Liver with Bora & Corn & Finished Cashews 😦
10:00 PM Panche Chicken & Chips :(:(


Time Meal Comments
12:47 PM Small bowl of Lentil & Veg soup Stomach ache around 10 but subsided.  Stomach felt upset again when I drank water at 11.   Stomach ache on and off during the day.   I gave into the cravings finally 😦
3:39 PM Small bowl of Lentil & Veg soup
5:37 PM Small Salad + Tangerine
9:45 PM 4 white rolls, 3 with tuna & spinach


Time Meal Comments
12:55 PM 1/2 spinach omelette + 1 small tomato cut up + bag of sweet plantain chips + a twix 8:35 am – Feeling weak and jittery today but hoping to maintain the fasting period.   Had a meeting before lunch – I was compelled to have a feel good food following.
5:21 PM Spinach omelette & cheese in white loaf (1/2) + 1 small tomato cut up + plain cake
11:05 PM Chicken fried rice + fried plantains


Time Meal Comments
1:05 PM 1 slice Veggie pizza + 1 wing & johnny cake Burning in stomach around 8 am – suspect this is due to not having water for the day yet.  I ate the last meal at a restaurant and forgot all about photographing it.
5:15 PM Butter bread (1/3 loaf) & cheese w/ spinach omelette (1/4 left over from yesterday)
8:30 PM Brushetta & Fettucini Alfredo w/ chicken (ate most of it)


Time Meal Comments
1:30 PM iced red velvet cup-cake + mixed fruits Eczema continues to flare up but it’s only afftecting my inner elbows – itching on and off during the day.  My hair was incredibly irritating to my skin tonight and was causing the back of my neck where it was in contact to itch – although I couldn’t see, it felt like I was having a skin reaction like what the eczema creates in my inner elbows.
2:45 PM Liver, spinach & cheese sandwich (1/2 white loaf from Thursday)
7:15 PM Liver, spinach & cheese sandwich (1/3 butter bread loaf from Friday) + small green salad + 2 chocolate macadamia cookies
10:35 PM Piece of chocolate macadamia cookie
11:45 PM Seasoned fries & the rest of the cookie I took piece of


Time Meal Comments
3:10 PM 2 slices sweet peppers & pineapple pizza Lots of gas by the time I ate so I had a stomach ache but was able to pass some.   The watermelon was flavourless so I only ate about 3 pieces and tossed the rest.
4:35 PM Blueberry yogurt + few pieces of watermelon
7:10 PM Bread, 4 Potatoes and a large glass of pineapple juice from Charlies
9:41 PM 4 slices sweet peppers & pineapple pizza + orange muffin
10:50 PM Last chocolate macadamia cookie

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