October 12th – 18th Reflection & Weekly Activities


It’s Wednesday and I feel exhausted.  I just finished my Transfirmer workout and I feel weak, almost to the point of jittery.  I was feeling tired from yesterday evening and as a result did not want to go to Heritage Dancers’ practice and once there did not want to dance (of course I did dance…but it was very lacklustre).  I feel asleep shortly after I got home while watching some body transformations on youtube and so never got to do a 2nd round of yoga or my evening reading.  I did wake up once when the power came back on (don’t know when it went off) a little after midnight then apparently fell asleep again because the next thing I knew it was almost 4 and all my lights were still on.  Last night wasn’t a good night emotionally and if I had any junk food I probably would have ate it all…good thing all I had was an oats and dark chocolate granola bar.  I think the dreariness was tied to my feeling extremely exhausted.  Hopefully things will improve as the week goes on.

I have been doing well with my workout goals so far on the up side.

It’s Sunday and I’ve just gotten back in from a walk.  I woke too late to walk with my friend this morning and didn’t walk yesterday either so I made myself take a walk this morning even though the sun was already coming out and I didn’t really want to walk.  Normally when I walk on my own I would jog, but I didn’t do any jogging this morning…it’s officially my rest day after all.  I did sing; hopefully not so loud that other people on the road could be disturbed by me.  I’m feeling tired and so I’m not going to do my daily battery yet.  I’m hoping to find some energy to do it before I go to dance practice today.  I also need to make up the Scales, Little Shrimp and Ab Wheel I neglected to do yesterday.  I didn’t have my computer so wasn’t really sure of which activities I had to do which is how I never did them yesterday.

I had weigh in this week and have again worked another pound closer to 150. 😦   I’m also starting to feel & see the weight in my clothes.  I can’t complain because my eating has been terrible.  I am however not happy and of course that makes me want to eat more.  The vicious cycle.  My blender’s broken or maybe I would have tried to jump on the smoothie train like so many others are doing now.

I’m very tempted to try the 24 day challenge that is being offered through the gym I go to but I’ve never been a fan of weight loss using pills and  powders and stuff like that.  I am very tempted though because this weight maintaining thing feels so hard and I’m tired of just working hard at it all the time.  It just never gets easier.  The cravings never go away.  The tiredness never goes away.

I again struggled through pole class yesterday and at one point I felt like crying but I knew that would probably just piss Ariana (the teacher) off and maybe everyone would just think I’m a big baby.  I found myself several times having to talk to myself in my head…telling myself not to give up and reminding myself that everyone moves at different paces and this is just something that you need more time with.  I thought about my friend Tony and the encouragement he gives to me also and that helped me to keep trying and to take time to calm myself when I started feeling really frustrated.  It didn’t really help that I was told I was stronger than the other girls because I know I look strong but I find I often struggle with things that a “strong” woman is suppose to be able to do.


Weekly Activities

Date 12 October 2015
On the Road Walk w/ Eunice + 10 squats & 10 alt. fwd lunges + Jog – bottom of hill to roundabout via Red Cross stop lights
Steps 16,954/6.9
Toning Scales (front, back, combo) –  2×10 + Little Shrimp – 2×10 + Ab Wheel – 2×10
Sweat & Burn Youtube Zumba – Soca & Reggae playlist
Pole Conditioning Conditioning Exercises for Pole – 20 mins
Power Yoga Challenge
GMB/Mvmnt & Skill Daily battery + Knees on elbows head stand hold – 30s
Head & Heart Proverbs 8 – AM & PM
Stretch Daily stretching routine for lower body – Montpellier Fit Club – Youtube
Comments PM reading was done just after midnight

Date 13 October 2015
On the Road Walk w/ Eunice + 10 squats & 10 alt. fwd lunges
Steps 19,711/8.1
Toning Waterbottle arms w/ 4 lb dumbbells + Kettlebell swings w/ 10 lb pair dumbbells – 1:40m + Fitness Ball Crunches – 1m40s
Sweat & Burn Body Images Socaerobics
Pole Conditioning 3 Pole Conditioning Exercises – only the last one exercise was done
Power Yoga Challenge D1 – Getting Started with Power Yoga – 9 mins
GMB/Mvmnt & Skill Daily battery
Head & Heart Proverbs 9 – AM
Stretch 😦
Comments I didn’t have a suitable place to do the 2nd pole exercise as it required something low I could pull up on.  The first one I neglected because I had already done several push-ups

Date 14 October 2015
On the Road 😦
Steps 7,312/3.0
Toning Transfirmer (Ultimate Calorie Blaster)
Sweat & Burn 😦
Pole Conditioning REST
Power Yoga Challenge D2 – The Basics of Power Yoga – 8 mins
GMB/Mvmnt & Skill Daily battery
Head & Heart Proverbs 9 & 10 – AM
Stretch 😦
Comments Forgot to put on my pedometer during my Transfirmer workout

Date 15 October 2015
On the Road Walk w/ Eunice + 14 squats & 10 alt. fwd lunges
Steps 18,469/7.5
Toning 😦
Sweat & Burn Body Images Socaerobics
Pole Conditioning Creative Exercises for pole – 10 reps of each exercise except chin ups (2) and pull ups (0)
Power Yoga Challenge D3 – Power Yoga Sun Salutation – 9 mins
GMB/Mvmnt & Skill Daily battery
Head & Heart AM Proverbs – 10 & 11
Stretch 😦

Date 16 October 2015
On the Road 😦
Steps 12,002/4.9
Toning Transfirmer (Supercharged Sculpting) + Kettlebell swings  – 8 lb pair dumbbells + Fitness Ball Crunches- 1:40m
Sweat & Burn Youtube Zumba – African (10)
Pole Conditioning 6 Moves for Pole Fitness
Power Yoga Challenge D4 – Power Warrior Flow – 8 mins
GMB/Mvmnt & Skill Daily battery
Head & Heart AM Proverbs – 11, 12 & 13
Stretch Hip Flexibility Sequence (by memory – may have left something out)
Comments Had to take breaks during Transfirmer workout – muscles felt achy (like when you are sick)

Date 17 October 2015
On the Road Home to AFYA + Dance School to Round-about
Steps 19,451/7.9
Toning Pole Fitness
Sweat & Burn Youtube Zumba – Latin (7 ) + Volleyball (30 minutes of self practice) + Diandra’s West African Dance workshop (Samba & Azonto)
Power Yoga Challenge 😦
GMB/Mvmnt & Skill Daily battery
Head & Heart AM Proverbs – 13 & 14
Stretch Yoga flow warm-up for pole fitness

Date 18 October 2015
On the Road REST
Steps 13,171/5.3
Toning Scales – 1X10 + Little Shrimp – 1X10 + Ab Wheel – 1X10
Sweat & Burn REST
Pole Conditioning REST
Power Yoga Challenge D5 – Standing Holds to Build Power
GMB/Mvmnt & Skill Daily battery – done after 9 pm
Head & Heart AM Proverbs – 14 to 16 + PM Proverbs – 15 to 17
Stretch 😦
Comments I struggled with the push-ups in the daily battery today (well more than usual) so I did most on my knees

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