August 3 – 9 Reflections

This week was a tough one as far as motivation goes.  I had very little motivation and started the week poorly (thank goodness for my sister being in the parade or I probably would never have left the house and have zero steps for Monday!)  I got in gear for the next 3 days but the lack of motivation continued and I succumbed to it on Friday and Saturday, doing no exercise at all and barely even walking on those two days.  It is probably the worst week of steps with just one day (perhaps today I can convince myself to work on making it two) barely pass the aimed for 10,000.

Today (Sunday) I decided I had to make up for Friday and Saturday so did well working out today, but I really shouldn’t be slacking so bad that I feel the need to make up on the designated rest day.

I am not sure if I should pick back up Elements this upcoming week or give my wrist/thumb another week of rest.  I have to admit this De Quervains thing has really put a damper in my movement practice as I was no longer enjoying it due to the pain and thus lost my zest to do them.

Well, that was this week.  Hopefully I’ll stay better on track come next week.  I really should go to the beach before school reopens.


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