July 20 – 26 Reflections

I was hoping through resting my wrists the end of last week I would be able to get back into my bridge practice this week.  Yesterday (Monday) when I tried getting in position for the bridge, it was too painful still so I didn’t try it.  I was truly disappointed.

After laying in bed when I got the text that we would not be walking this morning, I drifted off to sleep and woke at 5:35!  Well, it was quite a crazy set of rushing to get ready for class (which starts at 5:45 – that was probably the time I actually left home 🙂 )  On the up side, I ended up jogging a good amount of the way to class and I haven’t done any jogging in a while.  Class was well in swing when I got to the gym and honestly I didn’t really feel like class today but at the end I was glad I did it.  I worked through my Vitamin and Bridge challenge movements and did some chin ups after class so it was a good morning for exercise.  So, I decided to try a bridge again today and I actually got one done!  I was so excited.  I won’t be trying anymore today though.  Don’t want to overdo things.  I’m going to see if I can do a better job with my eating today than I did yesterday.  I plan to cook liver, cabbage and carrots so we will see how that works out.  Time to stretch!

My wrist is feeling a lot better today but I’m still going to take it light for the rest of this week as far as doing my bridge work.  Today’s workout started as a bit of a struggle and just reminded me how much of a first thing in the morning person I am.

Well.  Yesterday (Friday) was the worst.  I did absolutely nothing as relates to exercise.  No movement practice, no planks, NOTHING!  It would have been a completely bust of a day if I did not decide to walk into town and I may never have done so if I had found out earlier that there’d be no steel pan practice.  I really should have walked back home but I didn’t.  And since I didn’t have steel pan practice (making my evening free) I should have done my workouts then…but I didn’t.

Today I got off to a good start and went for a walk/jog (never mind it was motivated by wanting to get a johnny cake from One Mart).  Fortunately (thanks to the higher powers that be) they had no johnny cakes today and I opted not to buy a roll as a substitute.  Now my mind is on Krandalls veggie pattie.  Sigh.  At least I’ve completed my movement practices.


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