July 6 – 12 Reflections

This week has been going well so far.  I decided to focus on 3 GMB programs starting this week (Elements, Vitamin and the Bridge challenge).  I figured, while I have the time I will make good use of my summer.  I also decided that I will go to the beach at least once each week and will record my Vitamin integration practice outdoors.

On the nutrition front, I decided on Monday that this week I will restrict my bread/flour consumption to Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  So far I’ve done well…I didn’t have any bread yesterday and almost no starch (I had some plantain chips).  I even cooked a meal which I haven’t done in a looooong time (it was just tilapia and broccoli in the toaster oven).  Honestly it wasn’t my best (not the right seasoning) but it was good enough to eat.

I’ve been craving ice over the past few weeks so I plan to go to the doctor this week and make sure I don’t have an iron deficiency.  I think while I am there I will get my sugar and maybe cholesterol checked too.

I hadn’t originally planned to but ended up doing the socaerobics class on Friday.  I did my movement practices immediately after at the gym.  Well…by afternoon I felt like I’d been ran over by a truck!  The soreness went into Saturday and I had a really hard time in pole fitness class as a result.  Still, because I’m me, I’m still pushing to do all of the practices for today (Saturday).  I did an attempt at my Vitamin backward roll this morning (my body was not liking that!).  I’m now off to do my Elements and Bridge work.

I was hoping to record my Vitamin integration outdoors but Sunday seems to be my official Slum-day so I didn’t get out the house.  It was also quite gloomy outside most of the day so I was a little worried about going out then it raining.  When I finally got out my bed and decided to do my practice, my camera fell and became non-functional so I couldn’t record.  I was so bummed I never did the practice at that time again.  Thankfully, I was able to get the camera working again and finally did my practice around 10 pm (better late than never).

I’m really struggling to get my nutrition back on track.  I had a terrible binge between Saturday and Sunday and have generally been eating quite poorly all week.  Hopefully I’ll do a better job of it this coming week.


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