June 22 – 28 Reflection

Well.  I didn’t do a good job making regular notes this week either but I think this general reflection is not such a bad idea.

I finally made a good effort at recording my regular skill practices this week.  I’ve been meaning to do so for several weeks and well, have not before this week.

I haven’t done a very good job this or last week recording my water and raw vegetable consumption (probably because I haven’t been having my minimum set amount) so I need to get back on track with that.

I tried the pole dancing class this week.  I definitely prefer pole fitness as it includes more skills on the pole itself but pole dancing was fun.  I think it is definitely a class to take to boost your confidence and the other females in the class are really encouraging.  I’m a little apprehensive about doing the pole dancing too (well not about doing it but about having my dancing being posted on facebook) because of my profession but I will see if I get any negative comments about being in the video.

I am pretty happy I didn’t have a slum today (Sunday).  Saturday was kinda slum-ish but I didn’t start with a slum.  I was to do the Great Mountain to Brewer’s Bay beach walk with the Road Town Methodist Youth Group but the rain soiled our plans so I didn’t do as much walking as I’d hope to do on Saturday.

Today I decided to add the hollow body hold to my ab exercises and did 4 progressions with 10 seconds hold in each progression.  I will inquire if this way of practicing it is ok, so that may change based on the response I get to my question.

This week was a good week.



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