June 8 – 14 Reflections


Today I started a new training program – Vitamins.  This is another of the GMB programs however this one allows you to try a new and different skill each day.  Outside of this, I had a poor fitness day as I spent most of the day in bed.


I was going to have a jog before soca aerobics but realized when I was already off the hill that the money I had to pay for class fell out.  I ended up walking back home and luckily found it right at the entrance of the driveway so I ended up with a hill walk before class instead.  I tried a plank workout that I haven’t done in a long time today and it was really tough!  Vitamins is AWESOME!


I got off to a late start but did an interval jog today.


I was hoping to jog with Tony before soca aerobics class but this huge burst of rain came down.  After chatting and procrastinating we both decided we would still do something before class started so he went for a run on the road and I just did some suicide-like jogs along the stretch of road outside the gym.  Class was tough today…I think we were all tired so it didn’t feel as hype as it normally does because we all were struggling to feel the energy from each other.

I also did a short jog on my way to and on my way back home from the gym so I was in a mood to push myself today.


I was so exhausted at practice last night, I decided to take today off so I didn’t go for a walk or jog in the morning.  I have been keeping up with my lunges challenge the entire week as well as my Vitamin program though and have not missed any of those workouts.


I should have but did not go for a walk this morning.  I am feeling a bit slum-ish today and have not yet done any exercise although it is already after 9.  I know I will do stuff…I will probably do some of the song length dance workouts and will definitely do my lunges and Vitamin program.  I just need to start soon so I don’t end up rushing as this evening is a very busy one.

I only got to work on my Vitamin movement once today which was really disappointing for me.  I was really hoping to get home before the end of the day to put in my 2nd practice but didn’t get back home until after 2 a.m.


Oh what a horrible slum I was in today! No workout walking done.  Another late day in bed.  Barely anything done on the fitness front.  😦  I did do some Vitamin work but it was so little and I was so not in the mood that I had trouble focusing on being mindful.  As a result I was having difficulty with moves at the very basic level…moves which I had been able to do over the past few days.  I hate these slums.  I wish I could figure out how to eliminate their onset.


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