June 1 – 7 Reflections


This month’s calendar workout is based on lunges and I’ve decided I’ll split the amount of lunges per day among the 5 different types they suggested (forward lunge, reverse lunge, lunge with kick, side lunge and jumping lunges).  I was in a bit of a slum yesterday…I think from being tired and achy so even though I did my GMB workout…I struggled through it.  I felt ok after I had completed it though and then was in the mood for dancing so I did several of the workouts to music by Ada and Chelsea.

This morning I went to Body Images and did the Soca Aerobics workout.  My friend Tony told me about how awesome it is and he was so right!  I had so much fun even though it was non-stop movement for the entire hour!  The music was so hype…I love WCK and at times I was even singing along (not loud enough for anyone to hear of course) and there are some people in the class who are so hype they brought a smile to my face.  I realized today how much I miss working out in a class setting.

I didn’t get out the house early enough to do a full walk/jog but I did jog to gym.  I wasn’t sure if this was a good idea as I had no idea how intense the workout would be but I got through the jog, the class and walked home after.  I have to admit, I felt pretty great most of the day thanks to that awesome start.  There is a workout Ari has to Stunnah Gee’s “Baby Le” that I haven’t been able to get through (It sets my thighs on fire!) so I think I’m going to make that one of my goals for this month.

Well, I’ve got to go now and do some ab work and probably some workouts to songs by Ari and Chelsea.


Today started off really well.  I had a longer than usual jog this morning with a new friend who I think will push me to push myself.  I didn’t do my Elements flows until after I got back from jogging so I struggled through them today (oh my thighs were so sore!)  Today was also a good day for water consumption.  I thought about going to the gym this evening to try a spin class but found out the spin class is only on Mondays and I couldn’t get there early enough to try the stretching class so I’ve spent the evening exercising my fingers (typing) instead.  It’s after 10 and I still haven’t done the hip stretches I should do for today but I will get it done. I will.


I don’t know why I always end up loosing track of time.  I was planning to walk to the gym but I left home so late I had to jog part of the way so I could be on time for the class.  I have to admit though, I feel pretty good starting the class already warm.

Soca aerobics was awesome again!  It was tougher this time around though and I really struggled near the end of class when Mitch had us get down in squats and hold them…I couldn’t stay down the entire time (my quads felt like they were being ripped up with a knife!) so I straightened up a few times and shook out my legs then got back in it.


Wednesday night/Thursday early morning, I couldn’t sleep for some strange reason…I was up until close to 2am and woke after 3 so I think last night my body decided it was going to make up for what it didn’t get on Wednesday night.  I really don’t get that though because it wasn’t like I was trying to be awake.

So, this morning I didn’t get up to walk/jog but I did do my Elements workout and lunges.  I struggled through my Elements workout and the 10 minutes felt more like hours going through each flow but I had to get my workout in.  I actually thought about just doing the advance flow this morning then repeating the warm ups and doing the free flow this evening but decided against that.  I’m glad I did too cause I didn’t have time to do it before pan practice which means I would probably be doing that right now instead of relaxing after a very hot day.  Even though this relaxing feels good, I’m here thinking about whether I should do some ab work and some dance exercise to songs before I retire completely for the night.


I was suppose to be resting a good deal today as I had one of those nights of little rest again but I ended up going for almost the entire day.  I decided to try the bootcamp class at AFYA so walked there, did the class and walked most of the way back home.  The class was ok but I thought it was going to be a lot shorter than it actually was.

Shortly after was Pole class and as always it was challenging and fun.  We were taught a short routine combining pole dancing (the sexy stuff) with pole fitness.  After class, we went to Nanny Cay to set up Ariana’s portable pole (that took us a little while to figure out but we did get it up) and did some more pole fitness moves.

By the time I’d gotten back home I just had time enough to have a shower then head out for Liturgical dance practice.  I surprisingly managed to keep going all this time but started to crash during dance.  Once we really started dancing I got some energy again which lasted long enough to just get through the bulletins…but I was struggling with staying awake putting in the inserts.   Well, when I got home I was good tired and happily my body agreed that a full night of rest was in order.


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