May 25 – 31 Reflections


It was a holiday here in the BVI and unfortunately that meant I slept in late so didn’t get in a morning walk.  I spent most of the morning in bed and tried to convince myself that I’d make up my walk in the evening but that didn’t happen.  Oh well…some days are just like that.  I still did the stuff that I consider mandatory – my SSJ Burpees, my GMB exercise and stretched so all wasn’t lost for fitness.


Today I felt like doing something different, like being in a group class at a gym.  If I had gotten up early enough I would have gone to Soca-aerobics at Body Images or if I had gotten home early enough from work as the urge was still with me this evening, I would have gone to AFYA and checked out the Boxerbabe workout.  I did do a jog this morning despite getting up late…I couldn’t let another day pass without getting out on the road.

I am almost finished with my workout plans for today…I just need to do some ab work.  I’m feeling kinda lazy now but I will do it.  I WILL do it.  (This is me trying to convince myself)

I MUST do it…let me go and do it now.


Yesterday was a good day for fitness.  After work I jogged to Sensus from the school to sign up for the 5K fundraising run that they are hosting on Saturday, then jogged back to the school.  The jog wasn’t all of the way both ways but most of the way.  Each way took about 31 minutes and about 21 of those were jogging so I felt pretty accomplished.  I just thought of it as a warm up in preparation for the 5K.

Today, I’m in a real heavy slum.  I’ve managed to get myself to do my burpees and some abs but that’s it.  No walking this morning.  No Elements.  Very sad indeed.  I hope I can break out of the slum so I can get my Elements in this evening.  Today’s an intermediate flow and I’ll probably record piece to add to my video list.

Today’s almost over and I almost didn’t do my Elements workout but I got some encouragement from my friend Tony who reminded me that I can do it once I put my mind to it.  I felt so great after that I also did some song-length zumba via “Chelsea Toronto Zumba” youtube page.


I was out of the slum today thank goodness but woke up late so missed another morning walk.  I don’t feel too bad because I know that tomorrow is going to be absolutely insane for fitness with the stuff I hope to get done.


Today was a great day for fitness. I walked to Brewer’s Bay beach from the bottom of Great Mountain with the Road Town Methodist youth and leaders.  I was very grateful for the invite by my coworker Mr. Braithwaite who knows I enjoy walking.  I decided not to go in the sea although it was so calm and tempting because I know how the sea knocks me out and I had plenty left to do today.  I did my burpees (the last for this month!!) before I went on the beach walk and did my Elements workout when I got back from my beach walk.  Next, I did a pole class with Ariana Forbes/ Limitless Fitness.  I have to be honest, when I started class today I felt like I was back to beginner status (I guess because there was no class last week) but my body eventually remembered what it was suppose to do as far as working with a pole so I didn’t feel as awkward after a while.   I was also able to stop by the health fair in the cultural centre but was only able to do 1 test as I was short on time. I had to go home to change to go to Sensus’ “Colour Me Pink” 5k fundraiser in support of free mammogram testing for women in the BVI.  The 5k was a tough jog for me (normally the most I jog is 2 miles) and I can’t even remember the last time I attempted a 5k (maybe it was the Colour me Pink last year) but I jogged the entire thing non-stop so I feel pretty proud of myself.


Today is the rest day.  I will aim to do a relaxing yoga flow and some gentle walking throughout the day but that’s about all I plan to do for fitness today.  I’m actually surprised I don’t feel stiff this morning but then again, my body has a way of waiting 2 days for the pains to kick in.

Well, I got in a short walk but the yoga flow never happened.  I know it is a rest day, but after all the awesomeness I did on Saturday, I am really disappointed in Sunday’s lack of work.


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