2015 – the diet

After a rant on my facebook page about nutritionist who prescribe general fixes instead of working with people as individuals, I was taken on by my former coworker, now holistic therapist, who showed me that their are people out there that really do care about clients. After having me fill out questionnaires, she prescribe a plan and I was determined to stick to it after all that ranting I did.

My diet began Sun. 11th Jan, following the first measurement below and here are the results.

wt – weight in pounds  /  Bf – body fat %  /  W – water %  /  BD – bone density

Sun. 11th Jan, 2015         8:45 AM         wt: 156.4          Bf: 32.4          W: 49.3         BD: 6.4
Sun. 1st Feb, 2015           6:37 AM         wt: 143.7          Bf: 29.8          W: 51.3         BD: 6.3
Sat. 28th Feb, 2015          6:53 AM         wt: 139.5          Bf: 28.8          W: 52            BD: 6.3

This really blew my mind. My goal was just to get to 145!

I can’t thank you enough Ms. Brown.  I would recommend her to anyone!  Send her a message on facebook.



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