2015 – March & April

So…I’m off the diet and should be working on my nutrition transformation/lifestyle eating habit change.  To be honest, I did keep at it for a while but I eventually gave into bread and cookies and all the things I know I should only be having occasionally so I have of course put back on some weight but I at least know what I should do to get and keep the weight off

(I can’t thank you enough Ms. Brown!).
I’m suppose to be recording twice a month but I didn’t do a very good job of it in March and April, so I just have one record for each here.

wt – weight in pounds  /  Bf – body fat %  /  W – water %  /  BD – bone density

Tues. 31st March, 2015         10:29 AM         wt: 140.2         Bf: 28.9        W: 51.9         BD: 6.3

Tues. 15th April, 2015            7:37 AM           wt: 141.9         Bf: 29.5        W: 51.5         BD: 6.3


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