2013 & 2014

I use a scale that measures weight, body fat percent, water percent and bone density to track my progress.  I know these are apparently not that accurate but I also know that using a consistent means of measuring will probably give an accurate idea of how changes are occurring.

Based on the records I have, I really started monitoring in 2013 consistently so that’s where my history is going to begin at.

wt – weight in pounds  /  Bf – body fat %  /  W – water %  /  BD – bone density
Tues. 31st Dec, 2013        9:33 AM         wt: 146.6         Bf: 30.8         W: 50.5         BD: 6.4

Wed. 31st Dec, 2014        6:00 AM          wt: 151.8         Bf: 31.6         W: 49.9         BD: 6.4


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